AEH Legacy Consulting establishes strong, long-term partnerships with those who wish to see their business grow. We provide professional insight in process improvement, technology integration and culture development for industrial clients. Our team has over 35 years of experience in manufacturing logistics, inventory management, ERP software, and preventative maintenance procedures.


We specialize in improving industrial plants and corporate environments

"Elizabeth came into our mill when it was as bad as it gets in: inventory organization, purchasing, and maintenance. We had no sort of organization or any idea how to start moving forward. Elizabeth came in and took us from a nightmare, to a state of the art plan. She not only got us organized, but helped us start moving forward in a culture change through the mill in the importance of proper maintenance and equipment reliability. We have felt the positive impact of her being here on our bottom line the day she set foot on our property.""

- Jesse Griffin

Griffin Lumber Company

Cordele, Georgia

Universal Inventory



The Legacy Co-op Database is a user-friendly tool that allows us to map your company's inventory list to our Universal Parts Numbering (UPN) system.

Members can opt-in to share their data and list extra inventory or parts that other members may want to purchase.

For the first time in history, manufacturers can collaborate and purchase from each other when vendors are unavailable.